Who is JackSmith Travel Agency?

Have you ever wondered why would a travel agency start a blog? Well to be honest with you I was a bit nervous to start. There are so many things that I want to talk about, but I was afraid of the reception that I would receive. Some of the topics that I will discuss is as follows:

  • Dream Destinations
  • Travel Tips
  • Reason to Use a Travel Agent
  • Great Deals
  • And More….

It all started with me and my then boyfriend (who is now my Husband) went to Las Vegas for a week. We booked our flights online, thinking that we were saving $200.00 by not using a travel agency. However, we had no itinerary, therefore we just got up each morning and walked the strip. We didn’t know about the various shows or dining options. We didn’t even know that the hotel we stayed in was more for children. When we came home after going over budget by $2,000.00, that’s when I decided to explore the possibility of becoming a Travel Agent.

Being a Travel Agent is more than booking your flights and hotel stays. Its having a connection with you the traveler and the destination. A whole lot of studying goes into being certified in various aspects of travel such as with the Airlines, Hotels, and Destinations. So when you decide to book your next vacation with a Travel Agent, be sure that they have all of the necessary IATA/CLIA,ARC and other organization training. Anyone can be a couch Travel Agent, but it takes a lot of hard work to be certified. We want our clients to experience the best travel options possible, and that experience goes a long way.

Welcome to the JackSmith Travel Agency’s Blog Post. Please be sure to send us your questions and explore out website at http://www.jacksmithtravel.mtravel.com; also visit us on social medial: Facebook/Jacksmithtravelagency; Twitter/Jacksmithtravel for great deals and other information.

Thanks for visiting.


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